To the left, to the left…

Driving around Nairobi my sister Sonya decides to test Rohan’s sense of direction.

Sonya: And do you know what’s here on your left?

Rohan: (without a moment’s hesitation) The hand I don’t write with!


Only a day away…

As we are driving around Nairobi, my sister Sonya points out to Rohan where my niece’s school is.

“That’s Samia’s school and do you know what their school motto is?” she asks.

“No”replies Rohan.

With pride in her voice, Sonya pronounces, “Where Tomorrow Begins”

To which Rohan wisely quips, “In the morning!”


Will you…. go to Florida with me?

Sitting with Neil watching Saturday Night Takeaway and there’s a contest called “Run for your wife” where three men race to win tickets to Florida. In the end all three were given the tickets but one couple weren’t yet married so Ant and Dec (all planned of course) disqualified them. At which point the man gets down on one knee, whips out a ring and proposes. Everyone cheers and the couple shed a few tears of joy. I look over at Neil who has the biggest smile on his face. “Awwwww are you so happy for them to be getting married?” I ask. Neil rolls his eyes at me and replies “No I’m just glad they got the Florida tickets!!!” πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

​When gaming takes over reality…

Driving Neil and his friend earlier and his friend is talking about his cousin in Year 7 so I decided to join in the conversation:
Me: What’s your cousins name Alex?

Alex: cheesecake7934

(Me, looking startled over at Neil)

Neil (rolls his eyes at me and turns to face Alex): My mum wants to know his actual name not his gaming handle


A solar system hat for Space Day

It’s easy to make this solar system hat for a school project or dress up day. Simply get a solar system kit online which is a mix of styrofoam balls of various sizes. Using Sharpies to colour in the planets and get some wire thread and stick different lengths to the planets. Then hang them off a hat, I used a kid size sombrero. And a yellow coloured waterproof poncho for the sun and Voila, my son is the solar system!!

Handy Manny is the champ

Rohan is going around the house chanting “Yaiy for Handy Manny, yaiy for Handy Manny!” After minutes of going on like this, I got curious and asked “Why are you cheering Handy Manny, what’s he done?” Rohan looks at me like I’ve just asked the most idiotic question and replies “He won the tennis yesterday Mama!!” 😂😂

I spy…

Playing ‘I spy’ with RoRo and it went like this:
Ro: I spy with my little eye something beginning with…… M
Guessed a few things but they were all wrong.
Me: Give me a clue RoRo
Ro: Ummmmm…..ok……it begins with S

My poor, confused son 😂😂😂😂

He knows when you’ve been bad or good…

Giving RoRo a little lecture in the car about listening and being good, I decide to capitalise on the time of year hoping that will motivate him a little…
Me: And then Santa will ask you if you’ve been good so what will you say?
Ro: But I already tricked him?
Me: Sorry??
Ro: When we we went Santa’s Grotto, I already tricked him… when he asked if I was a good boy I said yes and then he gave me a present *smiles ever so cheekily*
Help! I’m raising a little con artist!!!

We are all going to die!!

It was French breakfast morning at nursery today and knowing how emotional my three year old gets when I come to the nursery for a special event and then have to leave for work I was prepping him in the car.
Me: So after French breakfast is over RoRo I’ll have to go back to work ok? Because if I don’t go back to work what happens?
I was expecting an answer from him along the lines of ‘my boss won’t be happy’ but instead I got a rather dramatic:
“We will all die!” 😱😂😱😂😱😂

It’s like dry rain on your wedding day….

Neil says to me as I’m doing his bedtime routine:
“Mama, I have to tell you something. It’s so surprising! You’ll not believe this but I promise you have to believe me! Today, you know what my friends and I saw at school?? DRY RAIN!!!”

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